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3 Keys to a World Class Signature Process

On a call with a coaching client, she said something that made me laugh & Also is One of the?BIGGEST SABOTEURS I find with coaches & consultants, she said: ?Kris, I just want MORE PEOPLE Bitin? at my cherry! Because once they are, I have more?Cherries for them….? My response? ?Ah, I love it! But, […]

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How to Create a Flood of High-Value Clients

SHE SAID: “Kris, I just want MORE PEOPLE Bitin’ @ MY CHERRY! B/C Once They Do I have More Cherries for them!” Me: Through a muffled laugh, ?Ah, I love it! You only need ONE CHERRY?Though For them To BITE, for You To Be Incredibly Successful Online & Hit?Your Goals this Year!? Are you like […]

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