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Over the past?10 years, I’ve gone from advising from?the boardroom for?a Premier?Online Education?Corporation?to Running a Successful Real Estate Business to Now ?….?Showing Innovative Coaches & Consultants How to Take Their Businesses, Ideas and Brilliance?Online and Create Sustainable Results?& Extraordinary Success in Rapid Time.
Whether you’re a seasoned coach or transitioning?from a full-time career into your coaching or consulting business ….
You ARE In The Right Place.?
Have you ever found yourself asking these questions?

  • You’re wondering how to create a business that FLOWS with YOU?and Your Unique Talents ?+ Gifts + Energy Flow??You’re?Tired of Trying to PIECE IT ALL TOGETHER By Yourself.
  • You’re OVERWHELMED?Hustling?TRYING?to make this all “work”?in your business.You Want The Exact Steps to Extract Your Unique Business Model + Strategy?toCreate Consistency & Real Sustainable Results.?
  • You’ve tried many expert’s models that you?frustrated, overwhelmed & overworked … and you’re ready for a FRESH, New Model that creates clients with Elegance &?Ease.?
  • You’re Ready to Make the Shift To High-End Packages and Services.?
  • You Realize You Need a Funnel &?You would like to Discover The Right Premium Funnel for Your Business that will Consistently Bring You High-Quality Leads Every Week!?
  • You’d like to Implement?a Proven System &?Process?to Succeed into 6 & 7 Figures Online.?
  • You’re wanting a Proven, Sales Process that will work FOR YOU that doesn’t feel salesy or?incongruent that will allow you to enroll premium paying clients with elegance + ease!?

IF YOU ANSWERED “YES!” to Any of the Above Statements:?

I’m inviting you to explore a new possibility for you and your business.

I’m here for you.

To be there every step of the way to?assist?you in extrapolating your genius and transforming your brilliance + current model?into a business?that can become your life’s legacy.

Are You Ready to Step Into Your Calling & Begin This Journey Together?

I invite you into a new paradigm of business, transformational?coaching experience &?creative expression to allow?your business to?THRIVE.

Here’s to you manifesting your destiny through design!?

“Your Business Should Invoke the Music of Your Soul.
It’s?Design Should Be In Flow with Your Uniques Gifts & Talents. Your Results Should Come With Ease & Grace + Allow You
To Call in Everything You Are Seeking.

Are You Ready Experience This Level of Business Design &?Living?
– Kris Gilbertson


About Kris

My name is Kris.

I help coaches, consultant, experts & thought leaders turn their ideas and knowledge into lucrative coaching, information marketing and consulting businesses.

I show you how package your brilliance &?create a converting system that creates consistent High-Paying clients so you can go do Big Things in this world!

I Find The 3 Biggest Problems You Struggle With To THRIVE are:

1) You don?t know how to package, price and communicate the problem you solve in the market place to Stand Out.

2) You don?t have a leveraged system to bring you consistent high-quality leads and clients in their business every month.

3) A proven sales process unique to your style that allows you to enroll high-paying clients with elegance and ease that doesn’t feel salesy, incongruent with your soul or pitchy or urgency filled that is so outdated and old!

That is why you have landed in the exact right spot!

I’m here for you.

To be there every step of the way to?assist?you in extrapolating your genius and transforming your brilliance + current model?into a business?that can become your life’s legacy.

Are you ready to step into your calling & begin this journey together??


Then?I?Invite?you?to?Schedule?a?Private, One-on-One call that we can connect on your unique business and see if?we’re a fit to shift your business into the new paradigm of elegance, ease and flow!




Fun Facts About Kris:

*** I grew up in Austin, MN ?- Home of Spam, The Spamettes and The Spam Museum … Yes,?SPAM TOWN USA.


*** I did My First Stand-Up Comedy Performance Last Year and gearing up for another one in November this year. *eek, nail biting*


*** Started Playing Piano at the Age of 4 and started my first business at the age of 19 with the profit made from performing piano for Coca-Cola & Weyehaeuser?Holiday Parties.


I’m truly excited to connect with you personally about your business and strategy to catapult your success this year!
Here’s to you manifesting your destiny through design!

Love & Impact,
Kris xx


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