3 Keys to a World Class Signature Process - Kris Gilbertson

3 Keys to a World Class Signature Process

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On a call with a coaching client, she said something that made me laugh & Also is One of the?BIGGEST SABOTEURS I find with coaches & consultants, she said:

?Kris, I just want MORE PEOPLE Bitin? at my cherry! Because once they are, I have more?Cherries for them….?

My response?

?Ah, I love it! But, you only need one cherry for them to BITE, for you to be incredibly?successful online & hit your goals this year!?

In this case, Cherry = signature program (in other cases, it just means a really delicious pie.)

See, my client Demi Thought she needed multiple offers in order to hit her goals and be?successful but the truth of the matter is …

She ONLY needed ONE! And YOU only need one.?ONE Signature program allows you to leverage your brilliance to Regain your time, energy, get?better results for your clients and earn more money!

The key is to truly dial in your MAIN Signature process … then, if you want to create more?cherries, you can repeat the process.

The 3 Keys to a World Class Signature Process are …

  1. Knowing the Main Pain Points of Your Ideal Client (this is what grabs their attention in the?market place)
  2. What their Ideal Transformation is they are seeking (this is what they pay you for!)
  3. Then mapping out your signature process in a simple step?by?step manner (this is how you?keep your clients wanting more from you by keeping it simple, easy to implement and gets them?results!)

The real problem Demi was experiencing was ….

She couldn?t FIND the clients.

She had no idea how to put herself in front of them.

And then how to actually convert those prospects into raving high?paying clients

And How to do this rapidly!

I know you?re probably dealing with this too. Because, most Coaches are.

So, I?ve created a super short training to show you how you can use ONE cherry to bring in?your perfect client? so you?re only working with the ones that light you up. The ones who are?ideal. The ones you can create the most impact with and have the most fun working with as?well!

In this training, I walk you through the Exact 5 Simple Steps to Shift Your business into?creating consistent high? quality leads and How to Enroll Premium Clients in as little as 6?hours a week.

I also talk about how to avoid the BIGGEST MISTAKES that keep the BEST of the BEST

Coaches from Making the Money & Impact They Truly DESERVE.

You can watch the training here! ?=

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